::: what I actually do :::

Occasionally people ask me what a Web Producer does - it's a pertient question, because if you were to ask several different Web Producers, you'd probably get several different answers.

Generally, somebody employed as a Web Producer (or, Online Producer, or slightly more derogatively, Webmaster) will effectively be doing several interrelated smaller jobs, and integrating them into the final product, which is delivering a high quality web presence.

But the balance within the Web Producer's skillset varies enormously from one person and one role to the next, depending on what exactly is required.

::: the web producer's arsenal :::

The responsibilities of a Web Producer might comprise any subset of the following jobs, with varying levels of skill required:

Some Web Producers are very 'techie' indeed, and are comfortable getting their hands dirty with Server Administration, Object-Oriented Programming and Database Management.

Others might essentially be senior journalists with much less understanding of what is capable technically, and only a passing interest in the design side.

I'm somewhere in the middle!

::: my strengths :::

Personally, my writing and editorial side, front-end design/development and Information Architecture are all very strong, and I'm also extremely comfortable dealing with clients of all kinds, ascertaining their requirements, and working with them to devise new ideas.

The areas in which I have less experience are formalised Project Management and server-side programming.

But, like any good Web Producer, I'm constantly learning new things!