::: links :::

Here are a few links, that give some idea of my UI design and development skills.

To see some screenshots of web presences I have designed and built over the years, check out my portfolio.

::: Money Advice Service :::

In 2009 I joined the Financial Services Authority as part of the Financial Capability Division.

Initially tasked with maintaining the old Moneymadeclear site, and architecting the skinnable microsite Making the most of Your Money, my role has been varied as we became a new organisation with our own identity - first CFEB and then the Money Advice Service.

The service was set up by the UK government to promote financial capability and provide free, impartial advice to consumers. As the organisation defined its new brand, I have expanded my own team and we have taken on many responsibilities, definining our digital production strategy as our remit expanded and evolved from a single site to encompass a broad online portfolio under the Money Advice Service banner, with a flagship online healthcheck product powered by a new CMS.

As a small team we have built a reputation for punching well above our weight, delivering high-quality solutions, and solving problems effectively and efficiently. I have developed relationships between my team, the wider organisation and external stakeholders which have allowed us to further expand our product portfolio a good example being the microsite, currently used by Lloyds Banking Group, E:ON, McDonalds and other customers.

Ive recruited new team members, both contract and permanent, to expand the team throughout the change process, and worked closely with design agencies and developers to ensure a world-class web presence, with an emphasis on accessibility and usability. Recently we have taken on the challenges of syndicating our content to partners, supporting multiple languages and optimising copy for mobile devices.

::: National UK Police Portal :::

While working at HTK I was UI lead for the duration of this project for more than five years.

The dynamic content and interactive features (e.g. Crime Reporting, Missing Persons, Intelligence Capture, Message Broadcasting) were all taken offline when the site was closed down. However, a skeleton www.police.uk remains, and includes an interesting feature:

The interactive forces map shows how DHTML can be used in an accessible way that meets WAI-AA criteria: View the page source, and you'll see that the zoomable, graphical map is actually an HTML Ordered List, and when the page is viewed with Javascript disabled, the content degrades to a static list. Some clever scripting extracts data from the list, and uses images and CSS filters to create the dynamic map.

::: 5k Competition Entries, 2001 and 2002 :::

The 5k Competition challenged developers to create innovative websites, with the caveat that the sum total of all files (HTML, images, Flash etc.) was no more than five kilobytes in size!

My entry was Tricolore, which I then refined and topically redesigned the following year as Tricolore XP.

As a game, Tricolore has it's flaws and limitations. As an exercise in creating interactive DHTML with a microscopic data footprint, I think it's pretty impressive!

::: DHTML Crossword Puzzles :::

A 2002 experiment in DHTML leisure software. Obviously if one wants to create something like this in the real world, one uses Flash, but it's fun playing about with stuff like this.

::: Some Personal Sites :::

I have been running, with help, my football site since 1997. Some of the code and graphics are probably that old too!

Bad News UK was/is a satirical website, with some deliberately hideous design elements used for humourous effect. I also used it as a sandbox to try out things like validating against XHTML 1.1 Strict and Print Media CSS. Warning: May Offend!