::: music :::

Coming from a musical family, I've been exposed to, and heavily involved in music of various genres for as long as I can remember.

I've sung in Church choirs and choral groups since I was a child, and still do to this day, only these days I also sometimes lead the music, conduct, play the organ and provide my own arrangements and compositions as well.

Some of my sheet music can be downloaded from IMSLP.

I sing baritone with the London-based Barber's Hop Quartet, play bass guitar in The Go Band and also play solo mandolin.

Some of the Gear I currently own

  • Warwick Thumb
  • Steinberger 5-string
  • Godman Acoustic
  • Dearmond Ashbory (that I never play)
  • Rubbish Precision Replica that I never play
  • Trace Elliott 350w Combo
  • Some rubbish 100w practice amp
  • 2 Mandolins, other shit I can't be arsed to remember
  • Evolution MK-461c keyboard
  • M-Audio Fast Track Pro
  • GMX-5 Pre-Amp/Mixer
  • Several Shure SM-58 mics
  • My principle influences as a bassist include: Rick Kemp, Jeffrey Hammond, Dave Pegg, Dougie Thomson and Leland Sklar.

    I'm trying to compile a list of all the recorded music I own - music_collection.xls but it's still extremely incomplete.