::: artwork :::

I was never a particularly diligent or aspirational student in Art classes at school, and my artistic prowess at the time was restricted to railway cartography and surreal Gilliamesque cartoon figures.

It was only really in my mid-20s when I began to develop a broader, deeper appreciation of visual art as a means of self expression and started to consider not only what the work of the artists I had grown to admire represented, but what I could do, as a unique individual, to express my own feelings on a canvas.

Modern day artists I particularly admire include Tracey Emin and John Currin who I feel express a heartfelt honesty and openness in hideous, beautiful ways.

I consider it a great irony that modern and postmodern art can often illustrate great Truths far more effectively than when the primary role of artists was purportedly photorealistic representation.

My work is dominated by emotions, with themes of love, loneliness and human complexibility/fallability figuring strongly. I like to play with words and images and combine stark brutal honesty with subtle visual cues.

I will be showcasing some of my recent digital art on this site, with scans and photos of my more physical work to follow later on.